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Tassie still stuck in 1990......

sunny 26 °C

Well, very few wifi points and therefore no entries until now. Tassie is a lovely place but needs to get with the times for internet access. Visited Derby, Scottsdale and Bridport. Had a great time catching up with family and friends. What Tassie misses on wifi the place meets the necessary good points for scenery, walks, restaurants and coffee........had a great walk in the Launceston cataract gorge, Launceston parks and city centre. Mandy___Peter_x3.jpg


Had a wonderful meal at a Vietnamese restaurant called Mekong and fabulous breakfast at the Stillwater. Mandy___To..t_Gorge.jpgBest ever.

Visited with Mandy's dad and brother......Victor there is life outside of the Hawthorne Football Club but admire your dedication........

Victor enjoys his bowls, the game goes for 5 hours for gods sake, nearly as bad as cricket.......Victor_Bowling_x2.jpg

Lunch at the Barnbougle Golf Club at Bridport, great views, nice lunch, great company and great beer.

Visited Derby and walked through the local mining display which is world class. Saw a photo of Mandy's great uncle in the history section surprise, surprise everyone is related........6Mandy___Peter_x3.jpg

Weather was fabulous even had some rain.

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Melbourne: Nearly there but challenges still exist

sunny 27 °C

Late out of Sydney due to the poor weather and consequently only a short layover in Melbourne. Our "white knuckle airlines" flight departs from Gate 28...didn't think it went that high a number at Tullamarine in about 20 minutes. Sitting in the Q club waiting for the flight to be called and the challenge for us is not to miss this flight. Sadly memories of Brisbane are still fresh and it makes an expensive trip to pay another $800 for a short leg across Bass Strait.

Weather in Melbourne is a damn sight better than Sydney, you can see the sun here and its nicely warm. Should be good for the cricket tonight. I remember it being on because most of the commentators were on our flight.

Flight being called....got to go as the gate is miles away. Qantas link flight with propellers......calm nerves not.

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Off to Tassie

Left work early and found some nice clothes for Mandy at Miranda Fair on the way to Sydney. Had a small dinner and arrived at the Sydney Airport Stamford early. Great room, top floor and nowhere near the lifts. A quiet drink in the bar ($9.00 for a bottle of Heiniken they don't miss you) then off to bed for an early start. Don't forget your wallet Tony; Don't forget your wallet Tony; Don't forget your wallet Tony............

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One Week to go

Car hire arranged through Avis from the airport and only one week to go. I am getting over the flu (10 days old) which Tyson kindly left me with after his visit from the Gold Coast. Mandy is just starting to get a sore throat so hopefully she doesn't come down with it also.

Fly out first thing Friday morning so it will be an early start to get to the airport by 8am.

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The Planning

Still three months to go but we've booked the flights. Taking a risk on qantas using some of our frequent flyer points (58,000) which gives us both return flights for the cost of taxes only. Always paying taxes it seems.......

We travel Friday morning via Melbourne with a change over to qantaslink to Launceston. Staying at the Hotel Grand Chancellor. We've lucked out with an Executive Club Room on the top floor so we can get some sleep. Always take advantage of the trips away to catch up on sleep.....as if!

Hire car booking to do and then we have to figure out how to get to Sydney airport in time. Looks like another long term parking option. Remind me Mandy to take my wallet this time.

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